“Game of Thrones: Gwendoline Christie prophesies merciless end

Gwendoline Christie raises the expectations for the end of “Game of Thrones”: Fans should in her opinion already now take care of spiritual support.

The game between reporters and the stars from “Game of Thrones” will keep fans busy until April 2019. Everyone knows that the actors aren’t allowed to reveal anything about the ending, but instead of not saying anything, the expectations get higher and higher.

A prime example of this is a recent commentary by Gwendoline Christie, who plays the brave Brienne von Tarth in the series.

The end won’t be an easy one

On the red carpet at the premiere of Christie’s new film “Welcome to Marwen” a reporter from “E! News” wanted to elicit something from the actress about the end of the cult series. The answer: “You will need therapy. I think after the end of the series, the whole world needs professional help.”

This is consistent with the assessments of the other “GoT” stars who, through the bank, have all said similar things about the final season. Meanwhile even scientists are working on the outcome of the series.

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