Antarctica: Two technicians die during deployment at McMurdo station

A pilot found two unconscious technicians at the US research station McMurdo in Antarctica. A little later, only her death could be determined. The circumstances are unclear.

The National Science Foundation (NSF) announced that two technicians have been found dead at the US research station McMurdo. They had previously worked on a building in which the generator for a radio transmitter was housed.

The two had been found unconscious on the floor. Previously, the pilot of a helicopter had seen smoke rising out of the building from the air. He landed and shortly after found the men.

The emergency doctor could only determine the death of one technician. His colleague was flown to the clinic of the research station. There he was also declared dead a little later.

As technicians, the workers had taken care of the maintenance of a fire-fighting system, the NSF reported. Further details of her death have not yet been disclosed. The investigation into the incident is ongoing.

The research station was established in 1955 on Ross Island on the coast of McMurdo Sound. It is the largest research station in Antarctica.

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