Twitter users are baffled by pizza theory

Pizza is a modern-day guilty pleasure for most people, whether in the form of a slice or an entire pie, with or without toppings. 

So it’s no wonder Twitter user Fermat’s Library’s post claiming that it’s more worthwhile to buy one 18 inch pizza rather than getting two 12 inch pies went viral after it was posted. 

The tweet, which was posted on Monday January 7, has so far received a whopping 60,000 likes and 25,000 retweets. 

The Twitter user posted a photo with a caption that read: ‘Here’s a useful counter-intuitive fact: one 18 inch pizza has more ‘pizza’ than two 12 inch pizzas.’

The bizarre theory, which is actually mathematically proven to be true, gathered a large audience. 

The post gathered 60,000 likes and 25,000 retweets from pizza-lovers around the globe. 

It also received almost 1,500 comments from different people – most of whom were thankful the theory was shared online. 

One user @DaleJacksonPI wrote: ‘The pizza industry has known this for years but kept their studies hidden. Thanks for speaking truth to power, Andy.’

Another user @SJTechy wrote: ‘Finally! I can now coherently explain to my 10 year-old why math is important in life: without math, you might unknowingly spend more for less pizza!’

‘Also, the two 12″ pizzas together have 33% more crust, which everyone knows is just a tragic waste of bread,’ wrote Twitter user @jakevdp.  

In the meantime, others responded with funny conclusions to the theory. 

Some users, on the other hand, were baffled by the theory.  

User @MarkSykes15 tweeted a photo of a confused looking man with a caption that read: ‘But two pizzas are more than one’. 

‘Can I see the chart you would show a five year old? That’s the only way I’ll “get it”‘, wrote another user baffled by the theory, @stefanibaez1.  

Another confused user @rscotteisenberg wrote: ‘And 12 + 12 = 24 which is more than 18. This must be quantum physics. I hear all kinds of strange things happen there.’

’12 inches includes the measurement of the crust so I dont understand what you’re trying to prove by the 33% thing,’ added user @@MFTSADTD.

Meanwhile, some began to interpret the theory in different ways. 

Twitter user @samsaultz wrote: ‘So you’re saying I’m being healthier when I order two mediums. Got it, thanks.’  

And while most users either agreed with the theory, or simply didn’t understand how it was true, other users completely disagreed with the idea. 

Twitter user @endi wrote: ‘It has more area of pizza, not more ‘pizza’.

‘Pizza is a combination of the crust (two 12s win there), toppings (two 12s = more topping combinations possible), and just one consideration is total area. 

‘The premise is false as the definition is over simplified,’ they added. 

Agreeing with @endi, user @ottersarefunny2 wrote: ‘You make a good point.  

‘My nieces like chicken & mushroom with a white sauce. My nephew & I like pepperoni & olive with red sauce. 2 12” provide a far superior pizza experience for all 4 of us than 1 18” where we don’t all get what we like,’ they added.  

Meanwhile, other users shared funny tweets about the pizza situation, with one user @cuttlefishpoet writing: ‘I see your problem; you’re using pi r squared, when the picture clearly shows that pie are round.

‘And I have officially become my father,’ they joked. 

The theory comes just weeks after an article in the New York Post revealed that it is better value to buy individual slices of pizza rather than an entire pie. 

Writing about the discovery he made at his local pizza shop, writer John Crudele said he had asked to buy an entire pie that was displayed in the shop because the freshly made ones weren’t ready yet.

When he asked the worker if he could purchase one of the pizzas already made and on display, the worker said no, before revealing the secret to John.

The worker told him that the pies on display were significantly larger than those sold to customers. 

When he eventually gave him one of the larger pies, it didn’t fit into the regular sized pizza box. 

After researching the topic more, John found that pizzas sold to customers to take home are 16 inches in diameter, whereas those sold by the slice are 20 inches.

Therefore, he proved that it is usually better to order eight individual slices rather than a pie at a pizzeria, as you’ll get more value for your money.  

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