The place Fortnite’s Furthest Factors Are In North, South, East, West (Season 8, Week 2 Problem)

Fortnite Season 8 rolls on, and this pirate-themed era of the game’s battle royale mode continues to evolve with the release of new updates. The standard release of challenges for Week 2 came last Thursday, and for the most part they shouldn’t prove especially problematic for you, at least in terms of needing to consult guides. That said, one specific task (which requires you to own the Season 8 Battle Pass) might be a little tricky, in part because it’s not one we’ve ever seen before–it asks you to visit the furtherest north, south, east, and west locations on the island. Here’s where to go to complete the challenge and earn some Battle Stars.

This task sounds pretty simple, and in terms of what you actually have to do, it is indeed. But given the strange geography of the island, you may want some specific guidance to ensure that you’re not aimlessly wandering around in the wrong location wondering why the challenge isn’t completing. So we’ve gone through the steps ourselves and confirmed where Epic wants you to go for this challenge. Take a look below for a list of the locations you need to visit or check out the video guide above.

If you need a hand with Week 1’s challenges, make sure to take a look at our our full Season 8 challenges guide. We’ll be keeping that up-to-date with new guides every week, so you shouldn’t have much trouble completing challenges and earning the Battle Stars necessary to unlock the hot new Season 8 Battle Pass cosmetics. As always, if you’re able to complete all of the challenges from a given week, you’ll also complete the corresponding Discovery challenge. That nets you a loading screen and a secret battle star or banner.

On March 7, Epic Games released update 8.01 for Fortnite. The big new addition as part of this was treasure maps, which fits in nicely with the pirate theme that began with Season 8. The Buried Treasure item, a map that takes one inventory slot, guides players in the general direction of a treasure. When they’re close, they’ll need to find the shaft of light denoting where to dig and unearth the goods. Of course, other players will no doubt be hanging around with a goal to swoop in at the last second and steal the goods.

The patch also updated the game with the Slide Duos Limited-Time Mode, which makes it so everyone is sliding around everywhere. Run speed is increased while friction is “greatly lowered,” and there is no fall damage. Helpfully, everyone gets a Grappler with unlimited ammo to help them gain some small amount of control.