Steam Link Finally Comes To iOS, One Year After Apple Initially Rejected It

Valve announced today that the Steam Link app, which brings streaming games to your mobile device, is now available as a free download for iOS and Apple TV. This is notable because it was just 11 months ago that Apple rejected the app because it violated a number of Apple’s guidelines.

At the time, Apple said it planned to continue to communicate and worth with Valve to bring Steam Link to iOS and Apple TV, and that’s now happened. However, there is no word on how the two sides came to terms.

The Steam Link app promises to bring “desktop gaming to your iPhone or iPad.” Users can pair a Steam controller or any MFI (Made-for-iPhone/iPad) controller to play games over a network connection provided they are on the same local network.

Here are the requirements and specifications for “best performance,” according to Valve.


Best Performance:

The Steam Link app is effectively a replacement for the physical Steam Link device that Valve discontinued in 2018. Steam Link is already available on Android.

For lots more on Steam Link, check out the official Steam Link page on Valve’s website.


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