Shopkeeping action-RPG Moonlighter is coming to Switch this November

Developer Digital Sun has announced that Moonlighter, its thoroughly delightful shop-management-themed action-RPG, is coming to Switch in November.

Moonlighter, which released on consoles and PC a little earlier this year, charts the small-business-owning adventures of Will – a fledging shopkeeper by day, and a daring explorer by night. As that suggests, Moonlighter is very much a game of two halves; there’s plenty of top-down dungeoning-crawling to be done in order to uncover tantalising new goods to sell in your store. However, you’ll also need to do a sterling job of running that shop so that customers are kept happy and you can earn enough to buy new equipment, opening up ever-more-deadly – and potentially more lucrative – dungeon runs.

Eurogamer contributor Malindy Hetfeld was very much a fan of Moonlighter when it released on Xbox One, PS4, and PC earlier this year, singing its praises and slapping a great big Recommended badge upon it when review time came around. Malindy applauded its more-ish Monster Hunter-esque loops of relentless scavenging and upgrading, concluding that “Moonlighter’s clear dedication to its idea manages to suck you into both the exciting adventurer’s life and the more sedate job of selling your wares.”

Although there’s no specific release date for Moonlighter on Switch just yet, publisher 11 Bit Studios does not that it’ll be available in both physical and digital download forms.


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