Sega’s Project Judge has players take on the role of detective, takes cues from Yakuza series

Sega isn’t quite what it used to be in its heyday, but it does still manage to churn out some popular hold come lucrative IPS, like and its series. While had a pretty warm reception and a new title in the series already in development, it doesn’t look like the company is content with solely relying on the series and has instead branched out by revealing or.

Sega debuted a fairly detailed trailer for the game, giving players a good idea of what to expect when it arrives in December. or as it is tentatively being titled in English, will have the players take on the role of a detective, which as you might expect involves tailing suspects, investigating leads, and solving cases. The role of the protagonist in the game is being played by Takuya Kimura, who has had quite a career in Japan’s entertainment industry, being involved for over 30 years as a singer and actor.

As you can imagine, things won’t always go so smoothly during investigations, and sometimes, you may have to get involved with seedy characters, resulting in over the top battles. The game will make its retail debut in Japan on December 13 on the PlayStation 4 and will eventually make its way to other regions sometime in the future – although a formal release window has not been announced.

Source: 龍が如くスタジオ 公式 (YouTube) via The Verge


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