Pokmon Go Adventure Sync walking rewards, weekly reset time and level requirement explained

Adventure Sync has arrived in Pokmon Go, bringing a useful new way to help you play the game.

Adventure Sync, in brief, is a new system that allows your Pokmon Go app to link to either the iOS HealkKit or Google Fit apps on your iPhone or Android device respectively.

In other words, it means things like your steps and distance travelled can now be recorded by Pokmon Go without you having to have the app open – giving you additional Adventure Sync rewards.

That means Pokmon Go Eggs can be hatched by you walking around with the app closed and your phone away in your pocket, and likewise Candy from your Buddy can be earned in the same way.

Adventure Sync rewards are based on your distance at the end of the weekly reset, which is Monday, 9am local time.

There are three tiers of Adventure Sync rewards, which accumulate – so if you want everything, then travel a distance of at least 50km:

Thanks to The Silph Road for filling in the gaps with the above.

Early reports suggest the Egg Charts are actually different to those than normal, with higher than a higher than usual chance of receiving rarer creatures within those tiers.

If it isn’t clear in-game what rewards you’ve received, then be sure to check your Journal.

Additionally, if Adventure Sync rewards don’t unlock at the weekly reset time, then close and re-open the app, and you should receive them next time you log into the game, like so:

The good news is this means you can try and clear some room in your Egg inventory, so when the reset comes around, you should be able to receive an Egg.

However, like Gifts, it’s only a chance you’ll receive one of the above sets of rewards – it’s not a guarantee!

Adventure Sync rewards have just arrived, as well as on-going new Pokmon Go Gen 4 Pokmon, adding additional region exclusives and Eggs.

Also noteworthy for this month are Community Day times, November Field Research, new Shiny and Spinda forms, the addition of Legendary Pokmon Giratina, and word of the new Hex Nut Pokemon Meltan and Melmetal coming very soon.

At the time of writing, the current level requirement for players to have access to Adventure Sync is level 5, having already dropped from level 40 within a few days.

This is how Niantic rolls out most new features – gradually testing it on smaller numbers of high-usage players, before rolling it out to everyone else over time – but don’t expect it to take too long. Usually, features tested like this become available to most, if not all players within around a week.

Once it becomes available, it’ll be very obvious, appearing on the screen the next time you log into the game. Agree to turn it on, and to make use of the iOS HealkKit or Google Fit feature, and it will begin counting your steps.

If rewards aren’t unlocking, then remember that they are handed out when you log into the app. So close it, reopen fresh, and they should appear.

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