Pirate Camps In Fortnite: Location Information For Problem (Season 8, Week 1)

Season 8 of Fortnite has begun, which among many other things means there are fresh challenges to complete. These generally still work as they have previously; as always, you’ll need to complete challenges to unlock those precious Battle Stars, which level up the Battle Pass and give you new cosmetics. Among Season 8, Week 1’s challenges is one which asks players to visit all the Pirate Camps. Here’s where on the newly changed map you can find them.

These camps are new for the season, as they have just appeared alongside the arrival of the pirates. This means you’ll need to spend some time running around the island trying to locate them. All you need to do is visit one to progress towards completing the challenge, but there’s a total of seven, so it could take some time and effort.

To speed things up for you, however, we’ve put together a quick guide that will direct you to exactly where these camps are located. Simply use the map below, head to the marked locations, and you’ll be done in no time. The fastest way to do it is to jump off the Battle Bus and land at one location, get yourself killed, and then repeat.

[Update: Season 8 rolls on, and you can now take on Week 2 challenges. This set has fewer that are likely to necessitate a guide, though you might need some helping figure out where to go when the game asks you to visit the north, south, east, and west-most points around the island. Update 8.01 is also out now, bringing further changes to the game–namely, buried treasure.]

One thing to be aware of with challenges starting in Season 8 is that you can now complete them with friends. Using the Party Assist feature, you can select a challenge so that you and your squadmates contribute progress toward it together. However, this doesn’t work in larger team modes, nor does it allow you to work together with strangers who fill your squad. Still, it is a way to speed up the process and hopefully earn rewards more quickly and painlessly.

Epic Games has released Fortnite update 8.0’s full patch notes, so you can get more information on everything that has changed for Season 8, as well as some of the new additions for it. The new season brings with it a fresh Battle Pass and some very cool new skins.

We’ve put together an image gallery that shows off all the cosmetics in the Fortnite Season 8 Battle Pass. Epic Games previously estimated that it will take players between 75 and 150 hours to unlock all the new cosmetics in a Battle Pass, so we suggest taking a loot to see what’s included before committing, and doing that will also help you prioritize.