New Netflix Motion pictures, TV Exhibits, And Originals This Week (Mar. 10-16, US)

When it comes to the Netflix release of new movies that have had theatrical releases, the streaming service typically adds them right at the beginning of the month. So what about the rest of March 2019? Well, this is when Netflix drops its original series and movies, and there are a few you’ll want to check out. Here’s a rundown on what’s coming this week (March 10-16), which sees the vast majority of its additions arrive today, March 15.

As of March 12, part six of Terrace House: Opening New Doors is available on the service. Japan’s reality TV series is completely different than any reality show that is made in America. Terrace House is soothing, relaxing, and there aren’t your traditional reality show staples like fights, loud arguments, or delusional singers. It’s a group of people living in a house, going to work and school, and creating relationships with each other–and no, they’re not all sexual in nature. Then, a group of famous Japanese folks comment on what’s going on, and everything about this series is the best. You have a lot to catch up before you get to the latest installment, so get cracking.

When Arrested Development was first announced to come to Netflix, we were all excited. Then, Season 4 came out, and it was not great–although the recut of that season was much better. When Season 5 rolled around, it was a course correction, but the magic of the Bluth family had worn off a bit. The second part of Season 5 hits the service today, March 15, and more than likely, it will still continue to be a solid series, distancing itself from that weird Season 4 debacle. Hopefully, Gob has a few new tricks up his sleeve with Season 5B.

Below, you’ll find everything coming to Netflix this week. You can also check out everything coming to the service for March. That list also includes everything on its way out; you only have a couple weeks left to catch The Real Ghostbusters, Seasons 1-5 of which will be gone from Netflix at the end of the month.