Fortnite Challenges – Week 7 Challenges list, Challenge reset times explained

Here are all available Fortnite Challenges for Season 7 in reverse chronological order (so starting with the most recent week’s challenges first).

Remember, once you have completed each week’s Challenges, you can start collecting Snowfall secret Battle Stars.

Week 7 Challenges (January 17th 2019)

Week 6 Challenges (January 10th 2019)

Week 5 Challenges (January 3rd 2019)

Week 4 Challenges (December 27th 2018)

Week 3 Challenges (December 20th 2018)

Week 2 Challenges (December 13th 2018)

Week 1 Challenges (December 6th 2018)

There are two types of Fortnite Challenges. Every 24 hours, a new set of Daily Challenge will be available. These activities are combat-specific goals – such as performing a certain number of kills – which when completed, give you some rewards.

Daily challenges carry over from day-to-day, but you can only get a new challenge per day. You can also replace a challenge if you don’t fancy doing it, but again, this can only be performed once per day.

Weekly Challenges, meanwhile, are tied to the current Fortnite Season, and are exclusive to Battle Pass owners.

Weekly Challenges appear in their own section, with a tab at the top of the screen. Each week a new set of Challenges will be unlocked, and though most are self explanatory, but here is a brief run down of the various types available:

The good news is you don’t need to complete Weekly Challenges within that week – as long as you get round to them before the Season ends, the rewards will be yours.

Additionally, a new addition for Season 5 is that some don’t require purchasing the Battle Pass at all. However, to get that week’s bonus XP, you need to complete four of the seven challenges. With only three available for free, then a purchase is required.

Finally, these aren’t the only types of Challenges in the game. Purchasing the Battle Pass provides access to three other types:

Daily Challenges – which are available to all players – can be changed at the following times each day:

Weekly Challenges appear at the following times:

We don’t know whether this is a permanent change – will update when we know for sure.

Note that, unlike Daily Challenges, these do not need to be completed over the course of that week, but simply sometime before that Season ends.

You can unlock Fortnite Season 7 skins and emotes with each week’s set of Fortnite Challenges – the latest including

Chilly Gnome locations and Expedition Outpost locations.

Other recent additions include Fortnite plane locations and Snowfall secret Battle Star locations.

If you’re interested, here’s how Challenges worked in previous season of Fortnite.

Note these challenges are no longer active, so use them as an idea of what you might expect from Fortnite Challenges in future.

Season 6 Weekly Challenges

Week 1 Challenges (September 27th 2018)

Week 2 Challenges (October 4th 2018)

Week 3 Challenges (October 11th 2018)

Week 4 Challenges (October 18th 2018)

Week 5 Challenges (October 25th 2018)

Week 6 Challenges (November 1st 2018)

Week 7 Challenges (November 8th 2018)

Week 8 Challenges (November 15th 2018)

Week 9 Challenges (November 22nd 2018)

Week 10 Challenges (November 29th 2018)

As well as the above, there were Fortnitemares Halloween Event Challenges:

Season 5 Weekly Challenges

Week 10 Challenges (September 13th 2018)

Week 9 Challenges (September 6th 2018)

Week 8 Challenges (August 30th 2018)

Week 7 Challenges (August 23rd 2018)

Week 6 Challenges (August 16th 2018)

Week 5 Challenges (August 9th 2018)

Week 4 Challenges (August 2nd 2018)

Week 3 Challenges (July 26th 2018)

Week 2 Challenges (July 19th 2018)

Week 1 Challenges (July 12th 2018)

As well as the above, there is a Fortnite Birthday Cake event with another set of Challenges to complete for a limited time.

Birthday Challenges (until August 7th)

Season 4 Weekly Challenges

Week 10 Challenges (July 5th 2018)

Week 9 Challenges (June 28th 2018)

Week 8 Challenges (June 21st 2018)

Week 7 Challenges (June 14th 2018)

Week 6 Challenges (June 7th 2018)

Week 5 Challenges (May 31st 2018)

Week 4 Challenges (May 22nd 2018)

Week 3 Challenges (May 15th 2018)

Week 2 Challenges (May 8th 2018)

Week 1 Challenges (May 1st 2018)

Season 3 Weekly Challenges

Week 1 Challenges (reward item – 4000 XP)

Week 2 Challenges (reward item – 4000 XP)

Week 3 Challenges (reward item – 4000 XP)

Week 4 Challenges (reward item – 4000 XP)

Week 5 Challenges (reward item – 4000 XP)

Week 6 Challenges (reward item – 4000 XP)

Week 7 Challenges (reward item – 4000 XP)

Week 8 Challenges (reward item – 4000 XP)

Week 9 Challenges (reward item – 4000 XP)

Week 10 Challenges (reward item – 4000 XP)

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