Ford unveils a cheeky robot that mimics a sweaty human bottom

Car manufacturer Ford uses a ‘mechanised posterior’ to simulate a sweaty person’s bottom, it has been revealed.

Ford says it uses the robot designed to imitate a large man who has just finished exercising, to test the durability of its seats.  

The American car maker says the ‘Robutt’ guarantees customer’s seats will stay springy after several years of use. 

Robutt, Ford claims, reveals the ‘exact pass pattern of a person’s sitting behaviour’ and allows the firm to build better car seats. 

Footage of the creation was released by Ford to show the unusual process.  

Ford’s ‘sweat bottom test’ mimics a person sitting in a car seat after exercising.

It is heated to ‘approximate human body temperature’ or 36°C (97°F) and soaked with 450 millilitres (15 fl oz) of water.

The water is fed through the dummy to act as perspiration before sitting in the seat 7,500 times.  

Florian Rohwer, development engineer, Body and Chassis Labs, Ford of Europe, said: ‘Cars are a part of our everyday lives, and at this time of year in particular, so is exercise.

‘The Robutt is a great way to check our seats will look good for years to come.’  

The bot is based on the dimensions of a large man, and is controlled by engineers to sit, bounce and twist in the car seat.

The dummy also recreates getting in and out of the car around 25,000 times – the equivalent of a decade of use in three weeks.

Svenja Froehlich, a Ford durability engineer, said: ‘From the first moment we get into a car, the seat creates an impression of comfort and quality

‘Previously, we used pneumatic cylinders that simply moved up and down.

‘With the ‘Robutt’, we are now able to replicate very accurately how people really behave.’

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