EA looking into Command & Conquer remasters and bringing franchise back to PC

EA announced a new () title during its EA Play presentation earlier this year, but long-time fans of the real-time strategy series were quickly disappointed due to the new title being a mobile venture. It appears the reaction did not go unnoticed by the company, with EA producer Jim Vessella providing a statement regarding the series’ future today.

Vessella stated that the company heard the community’s call for another PC game loud and clear, adding that “as a fan of for over 20 years, I couldn’t agree more.” While nothing was explicitly confirmed, Vessella went on to say that EA has been “exploring some exciting ideas regarding remastering the classic PC games.”

Also, with the series’ 25-year anniversary coming up, Vessella added that plans are already being formed to celebrate the event. This might mean we could see some remasters being announced or even released in 2020 alongside the anniversary.

The surprising statement arrived through a Reddit post by Vessella himself, who had worked on and as part of the production team and also acted as the lead producer for expansion. Vessella is still answering questions and gathering feedback from the Reddit thread at the time of writing, even going on to say that any remasters would not include microtransactions.

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