$59 smart bra that takes accurate measurements of your breasts (and fits sizes 32A through 44G!)

Finding a bra with the correct fit is never as easy as you’d hope.

Underwear company Soma is working to provide the solution with a new $59 smart bra unveiled at CES 2019.

The system, called the Soma Innofit, takes all measurement factors into account beyond simply the band and cup size, including the shape of your breasts.

In the past, women could get help from an expert human in finding their right size. 

A simple measuring tape wouldn’t do, as it doesn’t reflect other factors such as the shape of a woman’s breasts. 

But these old-school ‘bra fitters’ are hard to find these days.

The Soma Innofit has four lines of circuitry hooked up to a circuit board in the back, which then connects to an app via Bluetooth.

The smart $59 bra then recommends a bra – from Soma’s line, of course.

The smart bra isn’t meant for regular wearing, though it could be used again if sizes change because of pregnancy or other factors.

The company says people who don’t want to buy one can use it at a Soma store.

Soma Innofit measures four regions of your bust area, and the company says it is stretchy enough to fit bra sizes 32A through 44G.

And, with the associated app, this means it can be used by multiple people.

‘Each user can download our free app to their phone, create their personal SomaInnofit account and measure themself using the same SomaInnofit bra,’ the company says.

‘The garment is not linked to a specific account and can be shared. Other people do not see your information, and as long as you save your measurements, your details will be saved each time you log out of the app.’

The app is available for both iOS and Android. So far, the system is only available in the US.

The bra is activated by a power button in the center of its orange patch on the back.

It will stay on for five minutes as it takes its measurements, and then turn off automatically.

Soma says the smart bra will last for over 500 measurements – or more than 5 years of consistent, weekly measurements without ever replacing the battery.

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