Tiger Woods slams overweight John Daly after he is granted permission to ride golf buggy at USPGA

After all he has been through, it is hardly surprising that Tiger Woods is less than impressed with the ridiculous decision to allow John Daly to swan around in a golf buggy at the US PGA Championship this week.

One man has spent a lifetime abusing his body and seems shocked to find that he has ended up at the age of 53 with chronic arthritis in his knees.

The other has overcome four back surgeries and four knee operations to clamber his way back to the top of his sport. 

‘I once walked with a broken leg,’ said Woods, simply, referring to his epic victory at the US Open in 2008, when he played with a fractured tibia and torn cruciate ligament.

‘I hope I don’t get a lot of grief from the fans,’ said Daly. He can certainly expect plenty in the locker room.

The years of wear and tear have left such an indelible mark on Woods that he freely admits it was not out of choice he has played no competitive golf between winning the Masters four weeks ago and Thursday’s first round at Bethpage.

‘I wanted to play two weeks ago at Quail Hollow but I wasn’t ready to start the grind of practising and logging all those hours again,’ confessed the 43-year-old.

‘Part of the fickle nature of having my back fused is that I’ve had to accept there are many more days now where I feel older than my age than younger.’ 

Sir Nick Faldo was one of a number of prominent voices who questioned Tiger’s decision not to play since Augusta. ‘As you get older, you need these events to stay tournament sharp,’ he argued.

If truth be told, Woods would agree. Indeed, there have only been six occasions in his career where Tiger has gone from one major to another without a tournament in between — and the five this century were all forced on him by injury or, between the US Open and the Open in 2006, the death of his father.

‘It’s going to be interesting going forward, how much do I play and how much do I rest,’ said Woods. ‘One thing I know for sure is that I feel a lot better when I’m fresh.

‘I learned after playing too much last year that the body doesn’t respond like it used to, doesn’t bounce back quite as well, so I’ve got to be aware of that.’

If only Daly had ever shown such awareness.


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