Liverpool fan from Barcelona fountain video filmed pulling matchday steward’s trousers down

The Liverpool fan suspected of pushing a Barcelona street seller into a fountain has been filmed appearing to pull down a steward’s trousers outside Anfield on the final day of the season.

Martin Mullen was named as the man caught in a shocking video showing a local being flipped into a Barcelona fountain while onlookers watched on and laughed ahead of Liverpool’s Champions League semi-final in Catalonia.

And now he appears to have been caught up in fresh controversy after the emergence of a video on social media after Liverpool’s victory over Wolves on Sunday.

This video shows a man, purported to be Mullen, wearing a Barcelona baseball cap, causing a scene on the junction of Walton Breck Road and Burnand Street near Anfield.

He passes the cameraman his pint before running over to the matchday steward, stood behind an ice cream van, and yanks down the steward’s trousers before running away laughing.

Mullen is understood to be a longstanding fan who follows the club home and away.

Both incidents are being investigated by Liverpool FC, according to the Echo. 

The first video, filmed in Barcelona earlier this month, appeared to show Mullen dumping a Barcelona local into a fountain in a busy square.

The video was filmed in the Placa Reial and shows a man in a navy blue fleece running over to a local street seller, picking him up by his legs and tipping him into the water.

The video, which was widely circulated on social media, was condemned by Liverpool fans. 



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