Deontay Wilder claims Dominic Breazeale bout is a nuisance amid plans to fight Anthony Joshua and Co

Deontay Wilder has ramped up the mind games ahead of his fight with Dominic Breazeale, by claiming mandatory challengers ‘are like flies’.

The Bronze Bomber will fight Breazeale on Saturday night at Barclays Center in New York as he looks to successfully defend his WBC heavyweight title in style.

The American pair have a long-running feud and it was evident on Monday as Wilder yet again taunted his rival, claiming the weekend’s eagerly-anticipated fight is a nuisance amid his bigger ambitions. 

Mandatories are like flies, and sometimes you gotta be the fly swatter. 😂😂🦟🚫 #BombZquad #TilThisDay #WilderBreazeale #May18th

Wilder joked on Twitter ahead of the bout: ‘Mandatories to me are like flies, they are always buzzing around.

‘And at some point in time you gotta be the fly swatter and catch them flies. And on May 18, that bug will be done.’

In the social media video, Wilder can also be seen crushing a fly – mocked up as Breazeale – with his hands.

But it isn’t just Wilder who has been playing the mind games. Breazeale believes his opponent will want to retire if he beats him in New York.  

The 33-year-old Breazeale told Sky Sports: ‘I think he finds it humbling and I think it ends his career, it retires him. 

‘A guy like Wilder, the surrounding that he has, he’s not used to being down in the dumps and being a depressed individual. 

‘I think it cripples him, it sends him into some type of a depression and he never comes back to fight again. 

‘He’s a disgrace for not only American boxing, for heavyweight boxing in general.’ 

Following the fight with Breazeale, Wilder will be hoping to set up a huge fight with Anthony Joshua not too long in the near future.  

Breakdowns in negotiations and conflicting television deals mean the world’s top three heavyweights – Joshua, Wilder and Tyson Fury – are being kept apart currently, much to the frustration of fans and pundits.  


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