‘NBA 2K19’ VC Grind Guide – How to Get Free VC With Glitches & Without

NBA 2K19 places a huge emphasis on Virtual Currency to make your MyPlayer strong. In this ongoing guide, we’ll offer the best tips to grind for VC with and without glitches. Some of these methods may stop working as updates release, but we’ll do our best to add new workarounds as they become available.


These methods aren’t glitches in the traditional sense, but they’re tactics you can grind to get thousands of VC per hour with very little effort. It should be noted that 2K has a history of banning those who use VC glitches excessively, so be measured in your approach.

The Zero-Minute Contract Glitch : The most popular VC Glitch for NBA 2K19 post-launch is a method that involves creating a second MyPlayer and signing him to an NBA team for a contract with zero minutes of play time. This glitch works as of updates applied Sept. 11. Here’s how to get it going:

Sometimes you won’t get the best deals based on position, but most players seem to be having the best luck drafting Guards.


MyLeague Glitch

If the zero-minute glitch isn’t working in your favor, you can also try this:

It’s time consuming, but you can grind this process for some VC with very little effort.


Beyond glitches, here are some general tips for getting VC in NBA 2K19.

This is just a starter guide, but we’ll do our best to add more tips as we dig deeper into what NBA 2K19 has to offer.

NBA 2K19 is available now on Xbox One, PS4, Switch and PC.

What are your thoughts on NBA 2K19 so far? Are there any good VC grinding methods we missed? Tell us in the comments section!


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