Lil Xan Debuts Mac Miller Inspired Face Tattoo After The Rapper’s Unexpected Death

Rapper Lil Xan, real name Diego Leanos, debuted a new face tattoo dedicated to rapper Mac Miller, who died of an apparent overdose on Friday, People magazine reported Monday. The tattoo, which rests above Lil Xan’s eyebrow, reads “Memento Mori.” The Latin phrase translates to “Remember that you will die.”

Lil Xan clarified the tattoo’s meaning in the caption, restating the words with an emoji of a broken heart. “Miss you Mac, y’all can start hating me now,” the caption continued.

After vicious Instagram comments on the photo, Lil Xan posted a second, which debuted another tattoo: black liquid or teardrops cascading from his eye. “I do this for me,” the caption read. “I could care less if this makes me ugly because that’s what I was going for, Ugly is the new beautiful, well not really but there’s some truth to that, I love you guys.” It is unclear if the dripping tattoo is related to Miller’s death.

Lil Xan reacted to Miller’s death on his Instagram story Friday. Between tears, he commented on Miller’s impact on him, according to All Urban Central. “Rest in peace, Mac Miller. My favorite artist of all time,” he said. “Another one gone. Every time I met Mac he was always so genuine and so positive. We hung out a few times. It was so fun.”

Lil Xan, 21, recently made headlines for a public breakup with pop singer Noah Cyrus, 18, when the pair vented their relationship concerns on Instagram September 3. Their online feud began when Lil Xan posted a series of Instagram live videos claiming he was heartbroken and tired of being “used.” Cyrus responded in a series of Instagram story posts and an Instagram live of her own in which she tearfully explained her side of the story and included she believed Lil Xan had cheated on her.

Cyrus expressed concern that Lil Xan thought she was cheating on him because of a meme she sent him, which portrayed singer Charlie Puth’s face on the body of a porn star. She relayed the meme and text messages to her Instagram followers and stated she was “heartbroken” and “confused.” She later shared a photo of an alleged hickey on Lil Xan’s neck taken from another Instagram account.

The singer tearfully spoke about personal strength in an Instagram live September 3 and said: “Never let a man make you feel like you’re less of yourself of like you’re the problem when you were the one that sat around being there for somebody.”

For days after, on her Instagram, Cyrus begged Lil Xan to communicate directly with her instead of to his social media audience. She implied the pair had not properly communicated about a potential breakup other than the opposing messages each had relayed to their followers.

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