Instagram up and running again after global outage may have left MILLIONS unable to check app

Instagram crashed for users all around the world Friday afternoon, leaving countless people unable to check their feeds.

The site was experiencing problems with both the desktop and mobile platforms, issuing an error message for those who attempted to access it.

More than 3,000 reports streamed in within minutes after the outage first became apparent at 2:49 p.m. (ET).

It appears most users have regained access as of around 4:30 p.m. (ET), though some continue to report issues.

It comes amid days of outages affecting Facebook, with Messenger down for hours earlier this morning, and the entire site down a day prior.

The issue on Friday primarily appeared to be with the News Feed, with this accounting for 54 percent of the reports.

Many, however, were having trouble accessing the desktop website as well (23%), while others simply couldn’t log on (22%).

The United States appears to have been hit especially hard. A live map of the reports shows the East and West Coasts suffering severe outages with the mobile and desktop versions of the site.

Reports also streamed in from Canada, South America, the UK and other parts of Europe, as well as many countries across Asia.

Hundreds of users flocked to Twitter to check that they’re not the only ones experiencing the issues, and express their gripes. And, some disgruntled users demanded answers.

‘What tf is happening with instagram?’ one user wrote on Twitter.

Another tweeted: ‘A $100 billion company with 1 billion monthly active users should be able to send a tweet that their service is down.’

The Facebook-owned app joins follows Messenger in suffering an outage today.

Facebook Messenger was down across the United States, Europe, and Central America from about 8:00 BST (3:00 ET) to 14:46 BST (09:46 ET).



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