Hurricane Florence Friday Flight Delays, Cancellations, Airport Closures and Airline Travel Updates for Atlanta, Charlotte and More

Hurricane Florence made landfall in North Carolina on Friday, pummeling the southeast with heavy rain and 90 mph winds, affecting airports and flights in the Mid-Atlantic region.

At least six airports, including Charleston International Airport (KCH), the Fayetteville, North Carolina Airport (FAY), the Jacksonville, North Carolina Airport (OAJ), the Myrtle Beach, South Carolina Airport (MYR), the New Bern, North Carolina Airport (EW), and the Wilmington, North Carolina Airport (ILM), will remain closed throughout Friday. 

Thousands of flights across the Southeast have been canceled. According to the website Flight Aware, 771 flights in and out of the U.S. will be canceled on Friday. Some airlines are waving fees for flight date changes, baggage, and pets. 

As of Friday, here’s what’s been announced so far regarding airports and flights in Charleston, South Carolina; Atlanta; Charlotte; North Carolina; and elsewhere.

Charleston airport will post an update sometime on Friday regarding flights for Saturday. For now, all flights in and out of the airport are cancelled.

“Rapidly changing conditions associated with the path of Hurricane Florence will affect general aviation and commercial air service operations at Charleston International Airport at least through Friday, Sept.14,” read a statement on their website. 

Some flights out of Atlanta have been canceled, including all of the flights that were scheduled to land in the closed airports listed above. Some of the flights affected by the storm are listed below.

The airport urged passengers to check with their airlines to verify the status of their flight. Flights scheduled to land in airports that are now closed have all been cancelled. Some of the other flights affected by the storm are listed below.

The airport is asking passengers not to go to the airport without checking on their flight status with their airline first. Some of the flights cancelled because of the storm are listed below.

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