Woman who grows her body hair debates JanuHAIRY

JanuHAIRY, which encourages women to start 2019 by giving up shaving is surely the most unusual New Year trend, but one woman has claimed that her multiple boyfriends have no problem with her body hair. 

Comedian Kate Smurthwaiteon ITV’s Good Morning Britain today to debate the issue with model and Big Brother star, Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace, and claimed that the unnatural portrayal of women’s body hair in the media is making young girls too self-conscious.

The debate started with Piers Morgan asking if women growing body hair was ‘helping feminism or promoting laziness?’, and he went on to ask Kate if she had any problems with men because of it.  

‘It’s funny how people care about how men will react to this, but I’m polyamorous and have several boyfriends, so I’m fine thanks.’

However, Aisleyne claimed that it’s ‘unhygienic’ not to shave, and Twitter users agreed with some branding the idea ‘revolting’ and insisting that it wouldn’t make them feel more empowered. 

Kate said that going unshaven is actually an advantage in relationships, saying: ‘It filters out the kind of men who thinks that important – which is a plus for me. 

However, Asilenyne replied: ‘I’m sorry I know it’s your personal choice but I find it repulsive, it’s the hygienic aspect of it.

Pulling up her arm and wafting it into Asilenyne’s face Kate said ‘It’s not smelly,’ while Asilenyne went on to turn away from her and visibly wretched at the situation, while Kate laughed about it.   

Piers jumped in on the conversation asking Kate: ‘If you believe in the power of full body hair why you wouldn’t grow a beard?’  

Susannah Reid quickly slammed him down by saying: ‘Women can’t generally grow full beards Piers’.

Kate continued her argument saying: ‘If you look at the media everyone is hairless from the neck down. You can watch a film about women being trapped in the jungle for years and they are completely hairless – how is that right?’

‘If young girls are growing up and seeing this they’re going to get to about 10 or 11 and start growing hair and they are going to think something is wrong with them – we need to send a message to them to say the way your body is, is fine.’ 

But Aisleyne disagreed believing that not shaving your armpits it rude to other people: ‘If I was on the tube and a woman put their big hairy armpit in front of me it would be horrible.

‘Its not promoting feminism, its just laziness – it takes a couple of second in the morning to shave. It’s not going to get us equal pay if we are walking around with hairy armpits.’ 

Kate went on to say that the men she dates have never complained about her body hair: ‘None of the men I date have expressed an opinion about my hair. They all value my warmth, creativity and intelligence over my decision to grow my hair.’ 

Twitter users were keen to discuss the topic too, with most agreeing with Aisleyne saying it was lazy and not attractive.

One said ‘Not shaving your legs and armpits and showing it off and making a big deal out of is not going to get women equal pay.’

While another said ‘Women with hairy armpits – a big No NO’.

But some agreed with Kate too, with one saying: ‘Not shaving your armpits inst unhygenic, its vanity and up to the individual.’   


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