Woman was caught faking a sickie by her boss after she was pictured with PRINCE CHARLES in her local paper the same day

A young entrepreneur has recalled the moment she was left red-faced after her boss found out she was pulling a sickie after she was photographed meeting Prince Charles. 

Carly Thompsett, 29, founder of Anaphase Store, that’s based in Cardiff, had recently started her own side business when the embarrassing incident occurred in December 2017. 

Recalling the incident she said: ‘I set up my business selling lifestyle merchandise the Prince’s Trust so was invited to meet Prince Charles at a charity event. 

‘It was for him to get to know some of the young people his charity had helped.’  

Carly, who offers everything from slogan sweatshirts to custom-made candles and bath bombs, said that she was left with no choice but to call in sick in order to attend the event.

She continued: ‘At the time I was still working as an administrator while building up my own business. 

‘I had no holiday left and knew they wouldn’t let me have the day off even if I told them the reason I needed it.

‘Only my good friend at work knew I was going. I called in sick that morning. Then, an hour after I had met Prince Charles, my friend called to say she’d seen me in an online article and video posted by my local newspaper.

‘My bosses saw it and called me into a meeting where all I could do was admit I’d been caught out. They weren’t happy and I ended up leaving a few weeks later to concentrate on my business full time,’ she commented.

Fortunately for Carly, her royal meet was worth the embarrassment. 

Her award-winning business is now going from strength to strength and she even rubbed shoulders with Prince Charles once again after being invited to his 70th birthday celebrations at Buckingham Palace in November 2018. 

Her journey to success is particularly inspirational having left school with a few GCSEs and suffering from dyslexia. She spent two years at college studying Art & Design and Hair & Beauty where she dreamt of becoming a fashion designer saying it was her ‘calling in life.’ 

Shortly later Carly became a carer for the elderly but when her grandad passed away in 2013, she took up the courage to move to Cardiff.  

After Googling ‘how to start a business,’ she discovered The Prince’s Trust and soon joined their Enterprise Programme. With the help of her Prince’s Trust mentor, she set up Anaphase Store.

She’s since been shortlisted for five awards including three that she won within one day and named one of the ’35 under 35′ top businesswomen in Wales 2018. 

Her online store offers a wide range of products including candles that retail from £4, bath bombs and make-up brushes. But it’s her slogan clothing that stand out the most featuring phrases like ‘Nap Queen,’ ‘Okurrrr’ and ‘I don’t do colour.’ 

‘Now I have employees of my own I try to ensure there is an open-door policy. Things crop up and I don’t want them ever to feel so uncomfortable they can’t tell me the truth,’ Carly said.  

Her confession was part of a survey into employee absenteeism, carried out by HR company AdviserPlus.  

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