Woman loses the ability to hear men’s voices

Is it a disability or a superpower?

A woman in China has reportedly lost the inability to hear men.

The woman, from Xiamen and only named as Ms Chen, woke up one morning and realised she couldn’t hear her boyfriend, AsiaWire reported.

She immediately went to the doctor, who determined she could no longer hear low frequencies.

Ms Chen had reportedly been suffering nausea and ringing in her ears the night before, but thought a good night’s sleep would fix it.

“She was able to hear me when I spoke to her, but when a young male patient walked in, she couldn’t hear him at all,” said Lin Xiaoqing, the doctor who treated Chen, according to the Daily Mail.

Dr Lin said Ms Chen’s long days at work and lack of sleep may have been a contributing factor, but the root cause was likely genetic – a rare condition called reverse-slope hearing loss, which affects only one-in-12,000 people who suffer any kind of hearing loss.

She’s expected to make a full recovery.

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