Why Meghan Markle Could Make Controversial Moves Kate Middleton Would ‘Never’ Consider

Since Meghan Markle has joined the royal family, she has strayed from tradition and occasionally broken royal protocol. However, some believe it is just the beginning of her rebellion.

Royal expert Angela Mollard previously reflected on the Duchess of Sussex’s desire to push boundaries unlike Prince William’s wife, Kate Middleton.

During an appearance on New Idea’s “Royals” podcast, Mollard suggested Meghan may continue in her mission to modernize the monarchy. “[There is] lots of speculation about breastfeeding,” the commentator explained.

“One outlet is saying that Meghan wants to be the first mother to breastfeed in public, to destigmatize the notion that it should be done behind closed doors,” she added.

Along with shaking up royal tradition, Mollard believes Meghan will push boundaries Kate wouldn’t dare to challenge. “We won’t be in for a carbon copy of what Kate and William have done, for sure,” she said.

Mollard noted that while Kate has kept Prince Louis hidden from the public, Meghan may be more open about showing off her son, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor.

“Again, very, very different from Kate. You could never imagine Kate…I mean, we haven’t seen Prince Louis really, apart from official photographs. We just don’t see those babies in those early years,” Mollard shared.

“Will she do it? I think it’s an interesting proposition. I think she’ll definitely bring a more American, New Age, progressive edge to her parenting. And why not, why shouldn’t she?”

Meghan and Prince Harry have already ditched royal traditions on several occasions like refusing to do a photocall right after their son’s birth.

According to Mollard, Meghan’s persistence for change could go far beyond what Kate has done since she married Prince William in 2011.


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