What is EPIC? The intriguing Irish tourism hotspot where Harry and Meghan paid a visit yesterday – Ireland

Britian’s Harry and Meghan visited EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum based at CHQ in the Dublin’s Docklands yesterday.

The visit to EPIC aimed to give the royal couple a deeper understanding of Ireland through the lens of emigration.

EPIC is the country’s only fully digital museum.

We decided to take a look at what Harry and Meghan would have learned on their visit.

The museum focuses on the effect emigration had on Ireland across the arts, sciences, sports and culture, focusing on what they brought with them and not what they left behind.

Harry and Meghan got to uncover stories from the celebrated to the unsung and how Irish emigrants shaped the world, with the focus on what they brought with them, not what they left behind.

The couple walked through the state-of-the-art interactive galleries, complete with touch screens, motion sensor quizzes and a feast of powerful audio and video that bring to life what it means to be Irish.

At the beginning of the tour the couple were given EPIC souvenir passports which they enjoyed stamping.

In the music gallery, the Duke of Sussex recognised the music of Riverdance immediately and the royal couple also got to listen to early recordings of traditional Irish music on gramophones.

Reacting to a quote by Mary Robinson displayed in the museum, the Duchess of Sussex remarked that she admired the former Irish President, whom she had met the previous evening.

Meghan was impressed by the overall design of the museum, and was also delighted to see the work of Irish designer Philip Treacy on view.

Harry remarked on Irish creativity and how many artists and musicians have Irish roots. The Duchess commented on the pride people have in Irish heritage.

Jessica Traynor, Deputy Museum Director of EPIC, said: “It was an honour to share the story of Irish emigration with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. On the tour we looked at the reasons why the Irish left Ireland over the centuries, and the influence the Irish have had around the world. From our nation’s great writers to the role Irish people played in military conflicts, to the pioneering Irishmen and women in the sciences. The Duke and Duchess enjoyed how interactive the museum is, as well as engaging in Irish history and culture.”

Stop 1: Leaving the Island

The first stop on Harry and Meghans’ tour of EPIC was the transportation sculpture, created by sculptor Ellie McNamara, which shows the vessels on which people would have left the island of Ireland over 1500 years ago, from a representation of a 5th century currach to contemporary airplanes.

Stop 2: Hunger, Work, and Community

Hunger, Work, and Community looks at the reasons why the Irish left Ireland over the centuries, driven by famine and a lack of opportunity at home, and pulled by offers of land and employment abroad. This gallery also looks at emigrant communication over the years, and contains some poignant letters, which capture the emigrant experience in their new countries.

Stop 3: Conflict Gallery

Irish soldiers have fought in many global conflicts, and have performed many peacekeeping missions. Irish regiments are listed on the floor, alongside imagery of war memorials to fallen Irish soldiers from around the world.

Stop 4: Influence Gallery

This gallery looks at the influence Irish people have had around the world, and focuses on a number of seminal events in Irish recent history, including Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s state visit to Ireland and the first state visit by an Irish President, President Michael D. Higgins, to the United Kingdom.

Stop 5: Discovering and Inventing

This gallery looks at the achievements of pioneering Irishmen and women emigrants in the fields of science, maths, astronomy, engineering and manufacture.

Stop 6: Storytelling

EPIC’s interactive library tells the story of Irish Nobel prize winners and bestsellers. The interactive storytelling book tells the story of Irish writing.

Stop 7: Connections Gallery

This gallery reflects on modern means of communication between emigrants and their loved ones back home.  Guests are able to use their EPIC passports to create a message that will be displayed on the digital wall display.

EPIC also houses a state-of-the-art genealogy centre, the Irish Family History Centre, helping visitors uncover their Irish ancestry. Further information on the Irish Emigration Museum can be found here: www.epicchq.com


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