Virgin Trains passenger filmed SLAPPING woman in ‘argument over wheelchair spaces’

POLICE are hunting a woman after she appeared to slap a fellow train passenger during an alleged row over wheelchair spaces.

In a video of the incident that occurred on Sunday, a middle-aged woman is seen having an argument with another person onboard a Virgin train from Birmingham to London.

The disagreement is believed to have started over train customers standing in an area designated for wheelchair-users.

The woman – thought to have been travelling with a disabled man – can be heard saying: “Look at them, look at all of them.

“Abilists and b******s.”

Seconds later, she lunges towards a seated woman and appears to slap her – with the sound of the whack ringing out down the carriage.

It sparks outrage in another woman standing near the scuffle, who tells the suspect: “Don’t touch people.”

Witnesses can be heard saying the “police have been called” before the brunette woman continues to yell at the suspect.

“I hope somebody’s filmed you, I really do,” she said.

“You are touching innocent people, you’ve upset that poor girl.”

Moments later she asks the wheelchair-bound man to get off her feet.

He replies: “I’m trying to turn around.”

“You are rolling your wheelchair over my feet,” she shouts.

Another passenger speaks out in a bid to calm to the situation.

But the third woman tells the middle-aged woman: “You are a disgrace.”

The argument eventually cooled off and the suspect got off at Milton Keynes station at around 7 pm.

Stunned onlookers called British Transport Police (BTP) moments after the assault.

A BTP spokesman added: “We received a report at 7 pm on May 12 of an assault on a Euston bound train.

“A woman is reported to have attacked another woman in the first class carriage.

“The suspect then left the train when it arrived at Milton Keynes Central.

“Anyone who witnessed the incident is asked to contact BTP by texting 61016 and quoting reference 404 of 120519.”

A Virgin Trains spokesperson added: “We’re aware of the incident and have referred to the British Transport Police.”

It comes after a man was knocked out with a single punch during a row in Waterloo station.


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