UK climate: Savage US chilly snap to plunge Britain into FREEZE as heavy snow forecast

BRITAIN is braced for icy winds, sub-zero temperatures and snow this weekend as freezing conditions crippling the United States “head our way”.

A “vigorous” jet stream is forecast to push areas of low pressure towards the UK in the coming days, unleashing wet, windy, cold and snowy weather. 

Freezing air gripping large swathes of the US will be propelled in the direction of Britain, paving the way for much colder conditions, according to forecasters. 

The weather is expected to take a turn for the worst today with blustery conditions widely and some hill snow in Scotland, northern England and Wales. 

The Met Office said weather warnings for strong winds could be issued over the weekend as low pressure rakes across the UK, leaving heavy rain and snow in its wake.

BBC Weather forecaster Mel Coles said the “cold conditions impacting large parts of North America” will have an influence on Britain’s weather this week. 

She said the Arctic outbreak that brought sub-freezing temperatures to the Midwest and Northeast “is heading our way” across the jet stream. 

Forecaster Nick Miller said temperatures will start to drop on Thursday as cold air is dragged over Britain. 

“We’re drawing colder air down from the north”

Forecaster Nick Miller

He said: “A vigorous jet stream will keep pushing areas of low pressure our way all the way through the weekend into next week as well.

“We’re drawing colder air down from the north.

“So it is for many of us going to feel colder over Thursday and that carries a pretty strong wind as well – pretty gusty in places.

“Some hill snow across Scotland.”

Met Office forecaster Becky Mitchell said snow is most likely to fall in northern areas of Britain, namely north-west England and Scotland, on Sunday this weekend. 

Ms Mitchell said: “Snow looks to be mainly on Sunday.”At the moment, it looks like snow at the lower levels will be across the northern parts of the UK.”

Bookmaker Coral has slashed the odds on this March ending as the coldest on record to just 2-1 as temperatures look set to nosedive.

The firm make it odds on, at 4-6, that snow falls in any major UK city by the end of the weekend.

“Summer is on the horizon now but there’s going to be one last big freeze before we get there,” Coral spokesman Harry Aitkenhead said.

All the signs are pointing towards one of the coldest March’s for a while and it has left us with no choice but to slash our odds on it being the worst since records began.”