Udemy sale: Study coding, drawing, images, and extra for as little as $12

From free online courses to internet colleges, the web has made it easier than ever for hobbyists and professionals alike to master new skills. Udemy, with over 100,000 courses, is one of the premier places for this, boasting has the largest selection of online lessons in the world. You can study anything from coding and web development to photography and design, and for the rest of March, Udemy has full-length classes for as low as $12.

Coding ranks high among the most in-demand skills right now and is one of the most popular for online learners. It’s not hard to see why: The future will be computerized, and the world of programming – while daunting for the uninitiated – has fairly low barriers to entry. Not the least of these barriers is tuition fees: Whereas a traditional degree required for work in many fields will cost you thousands, you can learn a coding language, build up a portfolio, and find work with your new skills without ever having to set foot in college.

This makes programming an attractive field for people aiming to start a new career path, but who don’t want or can’t afford the time and expense of acquiring a new degree. Udemy has a myriad of online coding courses, so much so that you can quickly become crippled with choice paralysis when trying to find the path that’s right for you; to help you out, we’ve picked out a few of the best ones to get you started (plus some other non-coding lessons if you’re looking for something else), all of which are only $13 right now as part of Udemy’s March sale:

The Udemy March sale isn’t limited to programming lessons, of course. You can learn how to use WordPress to make your own website (without all the programming), sharpen up your drawing skills, master the use of social media marketing to boost your business, become a pro photographer, and much more, so feel free to check out the rest of the $13 Udemy course offerings to find other discounted classes that might be up your alley.

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