Turnbull’s son urges vote against Liberals

Malcolm Turnbull’s son says the “insane” lack of response to a climate change report means voters should not vote Liberal in his father’s old seat.

Alex Turnbull has posted a video online telling voters in Wentworth to vote against his father’s party on October 20, in part due to concerns about the party’s lack of action on climate change.

“We’re going to have an election within 12 months anyway, so if you want to send a signal as to which way the Liberal Party is going, and your displeasure with where it’s going, then this is your opportunity,” Alex said on Thursday.

“Don’t vote for the Liberal Party in the Wentworth by-election.

“If you want to pull the Liberal Party back from the brink it’s the one clear signal you can send.”

Malcolm Turnbull resigned from his seat after losing the Liberal leadership at the end of August, sparking the by-election.

Liberal Dave Sharma is contesting the seat against independent Kerryn Phelps and Labor’s Tim Murray.

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