Traditional Chinese medicine needs more publicity: DPI Representative

UNITED NATIONS, Nov. 10 (Xinhua) — Lack of adequate information is one of the major challenges faced by traditional Chinese medicine, said Holly Shaw, a representative to the United Nations DPI & ECOSOC, at the 2018 Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Culture International Development Symposium in the past week.

Hosted by the Sino-American Culture and Arts Foundation (SACAF), the symposium gathered Chinese medicine experts and scholars from the United States, as well as UN officials.

In her remarks, Holly noted that the ultimate vision is to use traditional Chinese medicine and life science to benefit human beings, which is closely related to the UN’s goal of promoting sustainable development.

“We know that western medicine is very limited, traditional Chinese medicine offers a great amount of hope,” said the DPI Representative, adding that to inform people about the benefits of traditional Chinese medicine is important.

“Just because something is traditional doesn’t necessarily mean it is not applicable in contemporary,” said Holly.

The symposium aimed to promote the strong integration of modernization of Chinese medicine and modern biomedical technology in the new era and to make the supply of traditional Chinese medicine health services more diversified, multi-levelled and multi-category, according to the host.

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