Three Policemen Killed In Taliban Attack In Badakhshan

Three policemen were killed In a clash between security forces and the Taliban in Faizabad city, the capital of Badakhshan province, on Friday night, local officials said Saturday. 

According to officials the clash occurred in PD 6 of the city when a group of Taliban members attacked a security check post in the city. 

Four other police soldiers were wounded in the clash, which lasted several hours. Officials said the Taliban then fled the area.  

“Unfortunately, last night at about 10pm Taliban attacked and as a result three of our soldiers were killed and four others were wounded and one Talib was also killed,” said Mohammad Tariq Ziapor Badakhshan’s police security chief. 

Eyewitnesses said that Taliban attacked the check post through Spingul village. 

“Taliban come down from the valley and ambushed a police Ranger and after the shooting fled back through the valley,” said Zia an eyewitness. 

“This is the weakness of the local officials who cannot take responsibility for the security of Faizabad; they must be held responsible and arrest the attackers,” said Jawed Majidi Badakhshan provincial council member. 

Local residents also raised their concerns over Taliban activity in Faizabad city. 

“We do not sleep at night, every night there is an attack and shooting. If the Taliban can attack Faizabad city then soon they can take control of the districts,” said Hanan a resident. 

The attack came in the absence of top leadership in the province. The governor has reportedly been in Takhar for days, while the deputy governor is in China. The province has no police chief after the most recent one was dismissed.  

Taliban confirms the attack on Faizabad. 

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