This Morning’s Eamonn and Ruth BICKER on air after shock remark: ‘How are you going to say that?’

THIS Morning’s Eamonn Holmes made a quip in front of his wife Ruth Langsford.

During a heartfelt interview on This Morning, Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford talked with a woman who was gifted with a puppy after recovering from surgery.

The operation on her brain was a big one, but her parents urged her to get better by promising a pup if she did.

Showing off tricks the pooch can do, fans were gushing over the clip – and Eamonn and Ruth were too.

However, it soon resulted in the pair bickering as Eamonn ended up slating their own dog.

“What?! How can you say that?”

Ruth Langsford

Opening up to the guests, he said: “That dog is so clever, our dog is stupid.”

However, an upset Ruth quickly responded: “What?! How can you say that?”

Backing up his argument, Eamonn hit back: “Well he is!”

Although Ruth was upset that her hubby called their own pooch stupid, she couldn’t help but gush over the guests’ pup too.

The pair weren’t alone in their love for the four-legged guest, as fans flooded in to fawn over the dog.

One user took to Twitter to say: “He is so cute OMG. I don’t even watch the tricks. The dogs are so effing cute.”

Another added: “That is one gorgeous dog.”

A third viewer chirped: “Awww he is the cutest.”

The dog’s debut comes shortly after Eamonn and Ruth hinted at their sex life after talking about how much Eamonn loves their dog.

On their Sunday show, he told Ruth: “I come home at night and that dog greets me with a smile, lies on her back and lets me tickle her tummy.

“I think you did a bit of that, things would be much better.”

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