The Lexus LC Convertible Concept is a stunning way to get some sun

Lexus is about to pop its top…again.

The luxury automaker’s LC Convertible Concept debuting at the Detroit Auto Show is a sneak peek at what a soft-top version of its flagship sports coupe would look like IF it made one.

(And since it’s already heavily promoted on the Lexus website it probably will.)

The LC would be the company’s first convertible since 2015. The sleek coupe it’s based on is available with either a 5.0-liter V8 or a hybird powertrain and has a starting price north of $93,000. Lexus doesn’t sell a lot of them — just 1,979 last year — but it serves as a halo car for the brand.

Lexus also unveiled a new version of another one of its coupes that uses that V8 and this one is definitely going on sale. It’s the RC F Track Edition, which is the most hardcore performance car it’s ever made. It features an updated suspension and bodywork, an available carbon fiber rear wing and other enhancements that lower its weight by 176 pounds compared to the standard RC.


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