‘The Bachelor’ 2019 Spoilers: Why Hannah G. Wasn’t In The Final Episode

Despite having just three contestants left on his “The Bachelor” season, one of Colton Underwood’s finalists was noticeably absent from most of Monday’s installment.

Following a brief appearance at the beginning of episode 9 of the ABC series, contestant Hannah Godwin failed to reappear. While viewers watched as her fellow competitors, Tayshia Adams and Cassie Randolph, went on their one-on-one, overnight dates, Hannah G. did not get the same alone time with “The Bachelor.” Here’s why.

[Warning: Spoilers Below]

Hannah G. was scheduled to be last of Colton’s overnight dates. However, Cassie’s decision to quit the show and Colton’s decision to declare his love for Cassie changed things in a big way. Hannah G. will never get her overnight date with Colton. She will, however, get more air time on next week’s episode.

ABC’s synopsis for part one of the 2019 finale teases what’s next for Hannah and Tayshia, stating, “What happened to Hannah G. and Tayshia? Find out on night one.” While the network isn’t saying much, spoilers suggest Hannah and Tayshia will get the boot before Colton reunites with Cassie stateside.

“[He] told [Hannah G.] he was going to pursue Cassie, then went back and told Tayshia the same thing and ended it with her,” reads a spoiler from Reality Steve.

It is unclear who will actually get eliminated first, Hannah G. or Tayshia, but what is clear is that neither of the two will be named Colton’s winner. That honor will go to Cassie.

Catch part one of “The Bachelor” Season 23 finale on Monday, March 11, at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.