The $149 revolutionary beauty tool that can tell you how effective your skincare regime is

The future of skincare is finally here as there is a product on the market that can individually analyse your skin – and tell you how old your complexion is. 

The Luna Fofo from Swedish company Foreo is a cleansing brush with 24-karat, gold-plated sensors that work in conjunction with an app to determine the user’s skin age, hydration levels and overall complexion score.

It works by balancing information about moisture levels from the skincare quiz within the app. 

The product is taking Australia by storm, but to see whether it is worth its $149 price tag FEMAIL reporter Billie Schwab Dunn, 24, took it for a spin. Here’s what she found.

‘I am very lucky to have the dermis that I do as I rarely have any blemishes and don’t face many skin concerns but I do have quite a sensitive face.

My dermis can’t handle too much abrasion every day as it tends to result in redness or itchiness so I need to be very careful, meaning I have to be quite picky with the cleansing products I use. 

This is why the products from Foreo are perfect for my face as they use ultra-soft silicone, which has been proven to be less abrasive than nylon bristles.

To take advantage of the device beauty lovers need to answer a couple of questions in the Foreo app, such as how old they are, how much water they drink in a day and how much exercise they do.

Next, the app will ask that users hold the sensors on the back of the brush to their cheeks, forehead, and nose in order to analyse their skin.

Each individual skin reading is used to generate unique skincare programs, with custom intensity and duration for the key facial zones.

On top of that, high frequency pulsations cleanse skin of oil, dirt and makeup residue, gently exfoliating away dead cells. 

The whole process took me 30 seconds and before long I had my results. It’s safe to say I was over the moon when it told me my skin age was two years younger than I am, meaning I have the skin of a 22 year old. 

It also revealed that my skin’s moisture levels are high and gave me a skin score of 71 out of 100. 

Following this the tool then told me how I needed to use the device for a specific length of time to receive the maximum benefit for my skin.

The app instructed that I use the Luna Fofo, which emits vibrations, for 20 seconds on each area of my face, and to make it easier, it pulses when it’s time to switch areas.

This routine was personalised to me as I know some people are instructed to use it for less time in certain areas. 

After using it my skin definitely felt incredibly smooth and clean and although I loved receiving this personalised information, I was disappointed that the Foreo didn’t provide me with more details about what this exactly means. 

I would love to know what exactly my score indicates and the steps I need to take to improve it.

The device also tracks and responds to internal and external factors that affect skin health, including changes in climate, diet and water intake. 

Because of this I would take the ‘skin score’ with a grain of salt as when I was playing around with the device it gave me a different score depending on what products were on my face.

But if this inspires people to ramp up their moisturising habits then I don’t see that as necessarily a bad thing. 

I love that Foreo is tapping into AI and implementing it into their devices and I would definitely incorporate this into my routine regularly but I do wish there was more data provided in the app.

It would be great to know things like how pollution is affecting my skin and which skincare products I should be using specifically as well.’

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