Texas Lady Useless After Automobile Windshield Is Struck By Giant Rock

Saturday night started off as a regular evening for Christopher Rodriguez, his girlfriend, Keila Ruby Flores, and her three children. They had just visited Keila’s brother in Round Rock, Texas, and were heading up to Waco on Interstate 35, and then tragedy struck.

While heading under a train overpass, a large rock crashed through the windshield and struck Flores, who was sitting in the passenger seat. Rodriguez then turned off to an access road, called police and performed CPR on Flores, who was unresponsive. Flores, 33, was rushed to a nearby hospital but died the next morning.

Police have begun an investigation into Flores’s death, which is currently being investigated as a homicide.

“[She] worked very hard to provide for her three kids. She was [a] strong person who always got to the point and never beat around the bush. Always honest and [willing] to help where she could,” Rodriguez told CNN when speaking about Flores.

Rodriguez also thanked an unnamed male individual who stopped to help while the family waited for police to arrive. The individual called 911 while Rodriguez performed CPR and didn’t leave until the paramedics arrived.