Stacey Solomon BLASTS cruel troll who ‘doubts’ she ‘could have got into a university’

STACEY Solomon took to Twitter to fire back at a nasty online troll who insulted her intelligence.

The Loose Women panellists got chatting about education earlier this week, debating the question, “Is it worth going to university?”

Stacey Solomon chipped into the conversation on the ITV show, adding that she doesn’t feel “any less of a person” because she doesn’t have a third level education. 

Most viewers agreed with the 29-year-old, praising her honesty and down-to-earth approach to life. 

Unfortunately, one cruel Twitter user decided to make a nasty dig against the Dagenham-born lass, questioning whether she had the brains to land a place in a university. 

They said: “Not being funny here, but I really doubt Stacey could have gotten into a university. 

“And truth be told if it wasn’t for a lucky break on X factor, then she’d probably still be working in a cafe – nothing wrong with cafe work – but she certainly wouldn’t have the same money.”

He picked a fight with the wrong person, as it took no time at all for Stacey to fire back with a mature and level-headed response. 

The mum-of-two responded: “I have a national diploma equivalent to three As at A-level and could have gone to university if I could afford it. 

“I’m an intelligent capable human.”

Before finishing: “Your opinion demonstrates a lack of education and ability to see past stereotypical traits in a human that society deems unintelligent.”

Her fiery response racked up 33,000 likes on Twitter, with outraged fans rushing to show their love and support for the daytime TV starlet. 

One said: “I don’t understand why people feel the need to bring people down. You are incredibly smart, talented, inspiring and an excellent mother, Stacey!”

A second agreed: “Well said, Stacey!”

And a third chimed: “I hope he has some salve for that burn!”


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