Sports class unsatisfactory in China’s secondary schools: survey

BEIJING, Nov. 11 (Xinhua) — A recent survey by the China Youth Daily showed that 64.7 percent of the 2,003 respondents found sports classes in middle schools unsatisfactory.

“Sports class is undervalued,” said Miao Weiliang, a teacher at a school in eastern China’s Anhui Province. “Most schools only have two sports classes per week. Sometimes the sports classes are occupied by other courses.”

A total of 64.8 percent of those interviewed said sports classes have long been ignored, while 54.3 percent believed too much pressure from study squeezed out the students’ time for sports activities.

As for measures to improve sports classes, 72.3 percent of the respondents hoped schools would ease the burden of study on students and allow them to have more time to rest and develop their interest in sports.

A total of 62.3 percent of those surveyed urged a stop of other classes occupying the sports class, and 57.7 percent suggested schools come up with measures to ensure students have adequate sports classes.

The government has begun to address the problem. According to a guideline on high school entrance exam reform released by the Ministry of Education in 2016, scores of physical education will be considered in enrollment for senior high schools.

Some interviewees believed this move can prompt students to do more physical exercise and make students, parents and teachers pay greater attention to sports classes.

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