Snowflake football community remembers 9/11 with special jerseys, tribute video

Every year, Snowflake’s football team finds a way to honor those whose lives were lost and those who saved lives during the horrific events of Sept. 11, 2001.

Last Friday, at its home game vs. Page, the Lobos wore jerseys with NEVER FORGET on the back. Coaches wore shirts with those words on the back, as well. They were designed and donated to them by Addix Team Gear after winning a contest on social media.

Coach Kay Solomon’s brother-in-law, Curtis Cook, who went to Snowflake High in the 1990s, made sure the “Heroes” tribute night was captured on video.

A videographer, Cook posted a moving video on Facebook late Monday night.

“I knew I wanted to make a tribute video for 9/11, but I didn’t know exactly the story to tell until after the game,” Cook said. “I had an idea to narrate the video from a high schooler’s perspective. And I love to tell stories. So I focused on capturing the mood and feel, crowd cheering, faces of the fans, band, cheerleaders, coaches. I only had my camera turned toward the field for like five plays. The rest was facing the team to capture those emotions.”

What message did he want to leave?

“So the biggest thing I wanted to drive home was that we are all Americans and Friday nights and high school sports and all its splendor are a privilege and result of freedom in this great country fought by those before us,” Cook said.

Solomon called it a special night for the community with veterans, active military and first responded admitted free and honored the field before kickoff.

“Our student council organized the pregame and a special halftime presentation commemorating the events of 9/11,” Solomon said. “This year we had our local Army recruiter talk with the team about what it means to serve our country and the sacrifices that are required to do so.

“With the players, we tried to tie the team mentality we are fostering with them in football into a larger team mentality of patriotism and love for our country.”


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