Second woman joins Reserve Bank top bench

The Reserve Bank has appointed only its second senior woman official, and hired a leading investment manager as its new head of economics.

Simone Robbers will be an assistant governor in charge of a new RBNZ section covering strategic planning, performance, and administrative functions. She will be responsible for ensuring new policies on climate change and Te Ao Māori are implemented throughout the central bank.

She is currently a senior official at the Financial Markets Authority, and joins the RBNZ’s head of human resources, Lindsay Jenkin, as one of two women on the seven-person senior team.

The RBNZ has also appointed Christian Hawkesby from fund-management company, Harbour Asset Management, to head its economics section. He’s formerly worked for the Bank of England.

He replaces the 10-year veteran John MCDermott, who has left the RBNZ to join the Motu economic research group.

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