Scorned girlfriend reveals how she found out her personal trainer boyfriend was dating TWO clients

A woman has revealed how she discovered her personal trainer boyfriend was cheating on her by dating two of his clients.

Speaking openly about her ‘very bad experience’ to 9Honey, the woman said her ex, Stephen, was the ‘hottest trainer’ at the gym, the sort of man many women had ‘eyes for’. 

She explained ahead of the two starting a relationship, she hadn’t really tried to get his attention, despite his good looks.  

‘I think, looking back, the main reason he focused on me was that I was one of the few women that didn’t throw myself at him. He might have thought I was a challenge or something,’ she recalled.

When the pair eventually started dating, things were fairly casual. The woman was still seeing her boyfriend, a man she had an on/off relationship with.

She said after her and her boyfriend parted ways, she started seeing Stephen more regularly and soon things became serious.

But just as the duo were set to move in together, rumours of him seeing others started to surface.

‘At first, I didn’t pay any attention – people gossip, of course, they do, and if I paid attention to every rumour my boyfriend was sleeping with one of his clients, I’d go insane,’ she said.

It wasn’t until she overheard two women talking about Stephen’s ‘physiotherapist’ girlfriend, she realised something was amiss.

The problem, she said, was that she was a primary school teacher.

Despite this, she still didn’t want to believe anything was wrong. After all, there was the possibility the women were confused.

Not long after she heard two others also speaking about Stephen’s ‘girlfriend’ – a dark-haired woman who was in the gym at the time.

She approached the women to ask how they knew she was Stephen’s girlfriend and they told her she had said she was. 

While the woman said she kept things to herself, she did notice him touching this woman on the arm over the course of her training session but didn’t think too much of it.

However, she revealed she’d made a decision to return to the fitness centre later that day to spy through the windows.

She said while she felt like an idiot peering in, her suspicions were confirmed after she saw him kissing the same woman she’d seen earlier on the lips.

Even this wasn’t enough. It took a phone call to a friend who also went to her gym to really cement what was now an inevitable truth.

Her friend told her of one other woman, and that there were potentially more. 

At that point, she made a decision she wanted to end the relationship.

‘When I explained I knew he was cheating on me, he denied it, very halfheartedly. Then he said, “If you don’t believe me, then I don’t want to be with you either.”

In the end, she found out he had been dating the brunette woman she’d seen him kissing and the physiotherapist.

Since putting an end to her relationship, she’s not heard from Stephen. 

Her ‘bad experience’ is behind her and revealed she is now dating a ‘better man’, someone she can trust. 

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