‘Satan Could Cry 5’: V Information

The new “Devil May Cry 5” character doesn’t fight with swords and guns, which makes playing him a unique experience for both veterans and newcomers. His attacks come from his pets, and he has a unique mechanic to finish off his foes. Here’s a quick guide to help you play V in “Devil May Cry 5.”

Different Style

In the game, V’s attacks come from his pets, namely Griffon, Shadow, and Nightmare. Griffon takes care of V’s ranged attacks, while Shadow attacks up close. Nightmare is a golem made out of black goop that hits hard and shoots explosive lasers but is only available in V’s Devil Trigger mode.

While these pets fight, V is free to move anywhere he wants, including out of harm’s way. Fortunately, V has some tools to be productive when his pets are busy fighting and he still needs to protect himself.

“Devil May Cry 5” introduced a “puppet master” character through V.

Free Mobility

While this character always brings a walking cane in battle, V is actually the second most mobile character next to Dante. Since his pets fight for him, V players can loiter around safely as long as his pets fight foes efficiently.

Use V’s free movement to get out of harm’s way easily and wait until you can finish off your foes. For starters, try to keep running away from enemies as V while you rain down attacks on your foes.

Stalemate Management

In the game, V’s pets can be “stalemated” if their health runs out. During this state, they won’t be able to fight, leaving V vulnerable as the character cannot hurt even the weakest of foes on his own.

To keep them out of danger, players can go for side evade to make Shadow retreat or backward evade to make Griffin retreat. Players will have to play it smart as spamming evade would interfere with V’s pet attacks and make fights last longer than expected.

To revive the pets, V must stay near his fallen pets to quickly restore their health and get them back in the fight. Alternatively, activating Devil Trigger restores the health of all his pets which could be a useful tool if you manage to find both Griffin and Shadow stalemated at the same time.

Overall, V’s gameplay may revolve around careful planning and puppet control, but the character can also be played messily and aggressively with the right moves and Devil Trigger resources.