Sam Heughan Pronounces Title Of Fortunate Woman For A Date In Scotland

“Outlander” star Sam Heughan has finally announced the name of the lucky winner who will get to go on a date with him in Scotland. The actor teamed up with Omaze to raise money for charities and offered to take the lucky donor on a date.

Caitlin M. from New York City will get to be the Sassenach for one romantic evening in Scotland. Heughan announced the name of his date on Instagram and promised they are going to have a really good time together.

Heughan said that he can’t wait to meet Caitlin in person. The “Outlander” actor also confessed that he has been thinking of the things they can do in the date. Among the things the actor is considering for their date are playing tennis and drinking whiskey.

He will be taking the lucky winner out for dinner, and he jokingly added in the post that he better not be late.

Many people donated to charities chosen by My Peak Challenge to take part in the Omaze campaign. Commenting on Heughan’s post, many of the fans said Caitlin was lucky to get the chance to meet the “Outlander” star. A few fans also joked that they were jealous of the winner.

The Omaze page of the campaign also confirmed the winner to be Caitlin from New York City, and there is a picture of her there as well. Details about the date may be revealed after Heughan shares pictures on social media.

Heughan will be arranging everything for Caitlin from the flights to hotel stay. The candlelight dinner will take place at the My Peak Challenge Gala.

Omaze and Heughan previously promoted the campaign by sharing a video showing the “Outlander” actor asking young boys and girls for advice about what to do on the date. The advice ranged from giving his date a gift, wearing a leather jacket, getting a haircut and spying on her at a shop to figure out what to buy her.