Ryanair passengers on way to Ibiza cut up lines of white powder and offer it to steward

RYANAIR customers on the way to Ibiza were left shocked as three passengers cut up lines of white powder and offered it to a steward.

Video footage from the Ryanair flight shows three thick piles of an unknown white substance and a credit card alongside it on a folded-down tray.

One of the blokes on camera boasts: “Flying to Ibiza!”

Moments later, his mate adds: “Got a few lines racked up and ready to go.”

A tattooed man on the left then pulls out a note, before rolling it up. 

“Do you want a line? Do you want a line, bud”

Ryanair passenger

But then an air steward makes his way over to the group of lads with their drinks order. 

The mess on the table appears to be in his sight – but he chooses not to say anything.

He gives them two bottles of vodka and their change before the blokes offer him one of the lines. 

“Do you want a line? Do you want a line, bud?” one of the youngsters quizzes.

But he politely turns it down, while the rest of the group laugh and joke around. 

Ryanair passengerSG

BIZARRE: The steward did not seem fussed

The Ryanair employee does not seem too fussed about their antics. 

He simply passes over their drinks before walking off as the clip comes to an end.

It is unclear what the powder is or what the men later did with it.

Daily Star Online has contacted Ryanair, who issued the following statement: “We don’t comment on unverified social media videos.”


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