Roy Keane and Ian Wright have heated discussion about England fans – Ireland

Did England fans get overexcited about their run to the semi-final of the World Cup?

The question divided the pundits after the Three Lions fell to a 2-1 extra-time defeat against Croatia.

In a tasty exchange in the ITV studio, former Republic of Ireland midfielder Roy Keane said England fans went overboard while former England striker Ian Wright felt the supporters had every right to get excited.

Roy Keane believes some people have got carried away…

Safe to say @IanWright0 disagrees 😂 #ENG #WorldCup

The continuing refrain of excited England fans chanting “it’s coming home” has been a recurrent feature of this World Cup, Keane felt that meant they were already thinking about the final and not giving respect to the games ahead of them.

For Wright, it was just a symptom of England fans being happy.

Some felt Keane was spot on in his analysis.

Roy Keane dropping truth bombs and taking Ian Wright to school.

Thank goodness for Roy Keane

Roy Keane nails it yet again. Spot on with his analysis.

Others thought Wright was on the money.

First time in my life I’ve agreed with anything Ian Wright has said. Part of the fun of the last three weeks has been the hope etc.

Keith from Worcester tweeting “It’s coming home! When’s the parade” wasn’t the reason we lost tonight. We just weren’t good enough.

Keane & Neville both failures as international assistants. So they should know how difficult it is to do what #eng did.

Ian Wright caught the mood much better.

Ian Wright has just made me feel much less sad

Some suggested that, given Keane’s own history at World Cups, he perhaps was not the best person to pass judgment.

Roy Keane talking about what it takes to get to a World Cup final. Not walking out on your country during the tournament would help!

Others just enjoyed the exchange.

Roy Keane vs Ian Wright. Best match of this World Cup

Who says ITV’s coverage is no good? That row between Roy Keane and Ian Wright just now.

Still, Wright had better watch himself after that questionable impression of Keane.

Ian Wright thinks it’s done and everyone’s moved on … that’s what Alf-Inge Haaland thought too.


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