Road rule test about which car has right of way baffles drivers – so do you know the answer?

A road rules test posted to social media has left drivers baffled as to which car has the right of way. 

The image was shared by the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads and shows two cars sitting opposite each other at an intersection, each with a give way line.

‘You know your road rules, and now’s your chance to prove it. Who should go first, the red car or the blue car?’ the post reads. 

The post generated 350 comments in just two hours from motorists looking to show off or test their knowledge. 

‘Blue car goes first. It’s a main road and the red car is coming off of a side street,’ one user responded. 

‘Red goes first is on blue’s right,’ another user suggested. 

‘The RED car goes first as the red car is on right hand side of the Blue car & is turning across the red cars path so must give way to the right’another added. 

‘Blue car. The red car is at a T intersection, so must give way. Glad to see both drivers are using indicators,’ one confident user responded. 

‘If you say red goes first please … Go hand in your licence and never operate a motor vehicle again,’ another added. 

After allowing some time for people to give their answers the Department of Transport and Main Roads posted the correct answer.

‘Let’s clear up the confusion then guys! In this situation, both cars are facing give way lines,’ the reply read.

‘When two or more drivers face give way signs or lines, they cancel each other out and the normal give way rules apply. The give way rules for T-intersections require drivers on the road that ends to give way to any vehicle on the continuing road. 

‘Because the red car is on the road that ends, they have to give way to the blue car.’

Other people noted the incorrect responses were a sign of why some intersections in their local areas are notoriously dangerous. 

‘Reading the comments shows why the intersection at the top of the range is such a nightmare,’ one user wrote. 

‘After reading the different responses, it’s easy to understand why there are so many crashes/near misses at said section,’ another added. 

A detailed run down of give way rules in Queensland can be found on the Department of Transport and Main Roads website. 




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