Queen Mom ‘Horrified,’ ‘Terrified’ When This Occurred To The Monarchy

Queen Mother didn’t expect that she would be queen one day.

According to Martina Bet, a journalist for Express, the Queen Mother was both “horrified” and “terrified” when she learned that her husband will be crowned king. The coronation happened after King Edward VIII abdicated the throne in less than a year from his coronation to marry twice-divorced girlfriend Wallis Simpson.

King Edward VIII’s shocking decision forced King George VI to take over. On May 12, 1973, Queen Elizabeth II’s parents were crowned as King George VI and Queen Elizabeth in a lavish ceremony at Westminster Abbey.

“No one was more horrified than Elizabeth,” the narrator of a tell-all documentary said. “Although she had all the qualities needed to be Queen, she had never expected or wanted to take on the role.”’

Royal biographer Jane Ridley said that the Queen Mother was distraught because she felt that it would be wrong for her to fill in the role because “she didn’t want to be the Queen.”

Prior to taking over the throne, King George VI and Queen Elizabeth were the Duke and Duchess of York. They lived in a secluded, safe and domestic household with their two daughters, Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Margaret. Their lifestyle was very simple, so there was a huge change in the family when King George VI became the new king.

“Suddenly to be catapulted from that into the position of monarch was a terrifying thought for both of them,” Ridley said.

When King Edward VIII married Simpson he thought that the royal family would turn up, but to his disappointment they didn’t. It was a “massive humiliation” to the former king.

The idea was believed to be from the Queen Mother because it would be quite wrong for the monarch to extend “sort of approval” to the controversial marriage that forced King Edward VIII to abdicate the throne.

According to royal biographer Philip Ziegler, that wasn’t the only issue blamed to the Queen Mother. Some believed that she was also behind the “refusal to award Wallis the title of ‘Her Royal Highness.’” She’s also blamed for their forced exile to France.

Queen Mother once told Zielger, “you can’t have two kings.” King Edward VIII’s presence around the royal family was deemed a “potential embarrassment” and “quite dangerous.”

Queen Mother was such a strong and determined women. She had several rows with Prince Philip concerning the changes in Buckingham Palace and the Duke of Edinburgh’s treatment to “sensitive” Prince Charles.​