Queen Elizabeth’s Key Journey Achievement Outlines Big Geographical Swap In This Approach

Queen Elizabeth II has traveled to hundreds of countries since she ascended to the throne in 1953.

Royal writer Robert Hardman recently revealed that Her Majesty is older than most of the current nation states that she has visited. In his book “Queen of the World,” Hardman claimed that the monarch has traveled to at least 126 nations and territories, and most of them she visited more than once.

“No one is entirely sure how many miles she has traveled. The number of countries visited is debatable too, since many of those states would change their name and status in between visits by the Queen… It is why Buckingham Palace will not produce an official figure,” he said.

Hardman added that Her Majesty’s trips have also been outlining a huge geographical switch.

“Few things better illustrate the scale of change during this reign than the fact that most of the nations on Earth today have only come into existence since the Queen came to the throne. Yet she has visited most of them,” he said.

In related news, Queen Elizabeth II also made headlines today after she was photographed wearing a rare brooch that she doesn’t normally wear in public. The stunning accessory was given to Queen Victoria as a gift from her aunt and the Duchess of Kent.

The brooch features a huge central amethyst and diamond around it. The Queen doesn’t normally wear the brooch because she is not a fan of the purple stone, according to Emily Hodgkin, a journalist for Express.

Her Majesty was joined by the other members of the royal family at the Commonwealth Day Service at Westminster Abbey. The monarch arrived in church last because she holds the highest position among the other members of the royal family.

Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton were seen curtsying to Her Majesty. The Duchess of Cambridge curtsied in front of the 92-year-old the second time while she greeted the line of people inside the church.