Princess Diana Earned ’Man-Eater’ Status After Being Obsessed With This Lover

Princess Diana earned a shocking reputation due to her string of lovers.

The Princess of Wales was romantically involved in a number of men following her split from Prince Charles. According to Simone Simmons in her book “Diana: The Last Word,” the royal’s “reputation as a man-eater stemmed from her affair with Oliver Hoare.”

The People’s Princess reportedly became “obsessed” with the Islamic art dealer whom Simmons described as “cultured, well-read and very good-looking.” Simmons believed that being involved with Hoare was another “unwise choice” for Princess Diana.

Simmons even thought that the romance was “damaging to Diana’s reputation” because Hoare was married. She added that Princess Diana was convinced that Hoare would marry her and they would run away and start a new life together in Italy.

In addition, the People’s Princess kept on visiting astrologers and soothsayers, asking them if they were going to get married.

Princess Diana’s bodyguard Ken Wharfe admitted that he once spotted Hoare “semi-naked behind a potted bay tree in Kensington Palace corridor, smoking a cigar.”

Princess Diana and Hoare dated for about six to nine months. However, Prince William and Prince Harry’s mom denied that she was into him in an “obsessive manner.”

Simmons said that when Hoare’s wife discovered their illicit affair, there was a heated argument in the Hoare family which resulted in Hoare becoming “distant” to Princess Diana. His move only made the royal princess more “agitated.”

Eventually, Hoare realized that he couldn’t handle Princess Diana’s “emotional demands.” Due to his marital issues with his wife and Princess Diana’s demands, Hoare decided to stop seeing both.

Princess Diana also dated James Hewitt and Dr. Hasnat Khan. According to royal butler Paul Burrell, he used to sneak the doctor into the Kensington Palace through Princess Margeret’s front door because it has no CCTV camera.

Meanwhile, the royal princess reportedly made a flirtatious move to Hewitt when he was in Saudi Arabia. Princess Diana sent him hampers containing bottles of whiskey and enclosed copies of adult magazines such as Playboy, Mayfair and Penthouse.

There were rumors that Prince Harry is Princess Diana and Hewitt’s son. However, according to a genetic expert, the Duke of Sussex’s hair loss is a genetic trait that he inherited from the Windsors, so he is definitely Prince Charles’ child.